Cauliflower, Calabrese & cabbage

Our fresh range of Cauliflower, Calabrese & cabbages, from Get Fresh and Fruity

Most vegetables will keep for a week in the salad drawer of the fridge, but tomatoes shouldn't be kept in the fridge or their texture will suffer. Root vegetables and squashes will keep for a week or two in a vegetable rack in a cold, dark place but can keep for many weeks if stored properly. Keep strong-smelling vegetables such as onions and leeks away from other foods. Remove tightly wrapped packaging and store the vegetables loose. Store cut vegetables in the fridge.

Freezing doesn't preserve food indefinitely,

but frozen vegetables will keep for up to six months. For best results, arrange the prepared vegetables on a large tray and freeze for a few hours until solid. Transfer to a freezer bag - extract as much air as you can using a straw, tie securely and label. Alternatively, pre-cook your vegetables before freezing. Prepare as if you were going to eat it straightaway then blanch quickly for 1-2 minutes in boiling salted water - this stops enzyme activity - but take care not to overcook. Refresh for a few seconds under running cold water, then leave to go completely cold. Bag, seal and label as above. This method works particularly well for French beans, broad beans, cauliflower, peas and broccoli.

Cauliflower, Calabrese & cabbages from Get Fresh & Fruity