Mint 100G Fresh Herbs & Ingredients Class 1 From Great Britain

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Mint 100G

Class 1 from Great Britain

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Class 1 from Great Britain

We believe that fresh is best

The Mint 100G you order is sourced for your individual purchase
We don't pre-order or store our Fresh Herbs & Ingredients in bulk
We assemble your order in recyclable cardboard boxes or crates
We are happy to collect & recycle the delivery box when you reorder

We work hard to ensure you get the best fresh Mint 100G available

Value & Service information

Our minimum delivery value is only £15
Order via Regular Subscription & get 10% Off Every Order!
Your order is covered by our 100% no quibble quality guarantee
Please order a minimum of 2 working days in advance of your delivery date

Order your favourites today & enjoy them, with Free Delivery to Your Door and none of the hassle of a trip to a supermarket.

Allergen information

Whilst every care is taken in preparing & handling your order we also sell the following produce which could represent a potential risk to persons with severe allergies to these products.

Allergen information celery Allergen information Nuts

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