Fruit For Work


Healthy choices

  • Reaching for a piece of tasty, fresh fruit rather than a sugary or high carb snack will help see you through your workload.
  • People are more conscious than ever of their dietary needs, and what foods can benefit them in different ways. This trend has become an integral part of working life too. Scientific studies show that fruit is one of the main food types that can contribute to a fuller and more productive working life. For example, bananas are rich in glucose and potassium, which can benefit the brain while berries, containing antioxidants, can improve motor coordination.                                                  
  • Fruit is amazingly full of all kinds of nutrients that are great for health. The wonderful thing about fruit is that not only is it good for health but it tastes great too.
  • One of the many good things about fruit is that it can be eaten raw as it is or it can be cooked. Fruit is a convenient health food that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.
  • Many organisations are now realising the importance of providing fruit to their employees as part of healthier food choices available at work. Instead of calorie laden and nutritionally empty junk foods that are standard fare at most workplaces, it is great to see the initiative taken by many organisations to replace unhealthy processed foods with fresh, light and healthy alternatives.  
  • Fruit is one of the most popular healthy foods being ordered by organisations for the purpose of providing healthy food options to their employees at work. Fruit is light, fresh and packed with nutrients that make it an ideal choice for consuming at work.

Fruit for work