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Get Fresh & Fruity - Easy Subscriptions


No obligations You can skip orders, add things you want or knock off the things you don't and do it all when it suits you!

Shop local at Get Fresh & Fruity

Easy to use all in one place and you control!

Try it out place your order using the Subscribe & Save button and check the new system.

Like it that's great! If you don't like it you can cancel it, as the new system settles in, we want to design things around you and you can come back and look again!

New Subscriptions that you ask for and that make things easier and more enjoyable for you.

"5-a-Day-school-packs" for when the kids go back and "Sunday Roast subscriptions"

Receive your link to your own order management page showing you all your orders, delivery days, details and options that are available plus all the products you can add and much more!

Remember its easy to add, pause or skip products and orders, all changes are made by you, when you want to make them. Get a reminder email to check your out your order 3 days before its due!

Like Click & Collect? just create a subscription order, choose your new day time and you have booked it straight into Click & Collect, all done!

Lots more to come! Thank you for supporting a local business and the people it employs - Mark and All the team at Get Fresh & Fruity

    "How to take the stress out of shopping and save money"

    Think of subscription as you regular ongoing shopping list, that you can fine tune and change to suit yourself.

    It's not just an average saving of £156pa on price, customers also report a potentialy bigger saving, coming from planning there purchases and cutting down on their food waste.

    click and collect

    Regular weekly collection

    We will automatically get your order ready for the same day and same time each week. You Choose day and time at the start, then its got your name on it as long want. If you want to change it just let us know.

    Getting started..

    Your first subscription order is created by selecting your goods and the quantities you need and adding them to your cart using the "Subscribe & Save" discount button and choosing weekly or fortnightly.

    "Think of this order as you regular ongoing shopping list that you can fine tune and change to suit yourself"

    Big tip * Try to keep it to simple weekly order when you start. Subscription customers can edit, pause, skip and ammend almost anything about your purchase  your online from "your orders"page. This is created for you, when you place your first order.

    "Your Subscription delivery or collection day and time are chosen when you checkout on this first order"

    Select your "Regular" day and then a time, that suits you.

    • This is all yours, reserved as long as you want.
    • You only have to do this once, on the first order.
    • It can be changed as needed


    Subscribe &Save - Deliveries


    Regular weekly delivery's

    We are pleased to be started deliveries to the following areas and we will publish the new delivery areas, as soon they become available.


    Extra Subscribe &Save Deliveries routes are being added soon!

    by Day and town

    Extra delivery days

    Delivery Service - Available

    • Basingstoke - Order by 8pm Monday for Wed delivery
    • Alton - Order by 8pm Tuesday for Thursday delivery
    • Farnham - Order by 8pm Sunday for Tuesday delivery
    • Aldershot - Order by 8pm Sunday for Tues delivery

    Subscribe &Save - Benefits

    • Benefits - Its has the option of being ready for you, saving you a few trips to the shops, trying to find a parking space (paying) packing, lifting, carrying unloading
    • Benefits - You can place your order online, whilst having a nice coffee
    • It's completely flexible, you can start it, stop it, swap products, miss a week, whatever you like!
    • It helps us plan our orders and buying, cutting our waste by about 5% so we take that off your bill, as a thank you!
    • Orders can be adjusted up to 3 days before it's due.
    • You can Set it and forget it or change it!
    • Pause or cancel anytime.
    • Even skip a week if your away!
    • Login to manage orders online

    Try it out now, without any obligation!

    • No Contracts

    How do I set up a regular order?

    • Please replace subscriptions create before 19th April 2020 as these are no longer valid
    • To use our subscription service you will need register for a free account.
    • Then login and this activates an extra add to cart button
    • Add the products you want on your regular order using the "Subscribe &Save" option NOT the "one off purchase" option to your cart.
    • Choosing the weekly frequency for your order.
    • Then go to the cart page and enter your post code and choose the next delivery date for your order (limited choice at the moment but will expand as each date fills)
    • NB This will be your "regular day" , until you choose to change it.
    • Enter any special information into the box provided.
    • Confirm your order and complete the payment section.
    • You will receive a confirmation email of your order
    • Entering your details is only required the first time
    • We will help and adjust your starting setup for you if needed.

    You have set up you regular order, Well done and enjoy!

    You will receive an email to confirm and give you guidance on making changes to your order.