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Subscribe & Save Dates

Checking Your Order Schedule Dates

When you place an order for collection or delivery, you also control all the subsequent scheduled delivery or collection dates..

Check that your order is set up for when you want it.

The first order is sent to Get Fresh & Fruity, through our checkout, which controls and sets the order day and time that you request.

The subsequent orders dates are controlled by you so you are able to choose of the delivery or collection day you require ongoing.
    • It is important that you check your next
    • The Subscription starts on the day you place the first order and then reoccurs at 7 days from the date. (or 14,21,28 days dependant on the frequency you selected for each product)
    • If you place your subscription order on the day you plan to collect it or have it delivered it will reoccur on that day without issue.
    • If you place an order in advance or for the following week or on a different day, you will have to correct the schedule to your desired day.
    • You only have to do this once and all the subsequent dates change automatically. To change you schedule please follow these steps
    1. Login and go to Manage Subscription
    • On the right hand side click on edit
    Subscription date1
    • In the center click on Change next charge date
    Subscription date2
    • If required change the date to your collection or delivery date
    Please note delivery day currently set for the folllowing:
    • Aldershot - Tuesday
    • Alton - Thursday.
    • Basingstoke - Wednesday
    • Farnham - Tuesday

      Subscribe & Save Dates
      • Repeat this for each item in the subscription
      • When completed the Order schedule will change to you selected date

      If the schedule has not changed, check that you have changed every product.