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Baby Spinach 200G

Class 1 - Great Britain

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Baby Spinach

Brilliant in a salad, stir fry or even a curry. This vibrant nutritious leaf is versatile and full of flavour. Used in almost every cuisine across the world, spinach is an enormously popular green vegetable. The leaves can be either flat or slightly ruffled, and are a bright green when young, deepening to a more intense colour when older.

Spinach recipes

Paneer with spinach

Paneer with spinach

By Anjum Anand

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is generally cooked, but can also be eaten raw when young enough to be tender. It has a bittersweet taste and its strong colour can be used to dye pasta green, for example.

Buyer's guide

Spinach is at its best from May to October, but its available year-round. Look for vibrant green leaves without yellowing or signs of bruising. Smaller leaves are best for salads, whereas larger ones stand up better to heat. Bear in mind that spinach leaves shrink dramatically, so what looks like an enormous amount won‚‚¾t be when it‚‚¾s cooked.


Store dry spinach, loosely packed in a bag in the salad crisper of your fridge for up to one week. To freeze, blanch the spinach, squeeze the water out, then divide into serving portions in freezer bags.

spinach Article by Felicity Cloake

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