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Broccoli Tender Stem 250G

Class 1 - Great Britain

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Broccoli Tender Stem

As a versatile green brassica, broccoli can be used alongside your favourite roast or added to stir fry's and cheese bakes. Broccoli Tender Stem 250G It's sweet and tasty, rich in nutrients. Its got a mild but distinctive flavour and a texture more like asparagus. It may be blanched, boiled, steamed, grilled or even can be eaten raw.

Broccoli recipes

Broccoli is a green vegetable from the cabbage family. It is generally sold in heads, which have multiple florets branching off a central stem, and sometimes have leaves still attached (these are also edible, but usually discarded). Packed with nutrients, it is best briefly steamed, stir-fried, or eaten raw.

Buyer's guide

The most common variety of broccoli is calabrese, which is available all year round. Long-stemmed sprouting broccoli, which may be either green or purple, is in season during the spring, and Romanesco, which is pale-green in colour, and closely related to the cauliflower, appears in the autumn. Look for tightly packed, dark-green or purple heads with no signs of yellowing or Flowers, and firm stems.


Fresh broccoli should be refrigerated in breathable wrapping, and consumed within 2-3 days of purchase. To freeze it, steam or blanch it to your taste, cool in iced water, drain, and freeze in a sealed container for up to 12 months.

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