Carrot Chantenay Fresh Vegetables

Carrot Chantenay

Class 1 - Great Britain

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This product is classified as Class 1 Produce and Great Britain is the country of origin.

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Chantenay carrots

are extremely versatile and while they're delicious lightly boiled and served with butter and seasoning, there's no need to stop there! Chantenay carrots can be eaten just as they are and are particularly popular with children because of their sweet crunchiness and small size.

Buyer's guide

Choose firm carrots and avoid those that are flabby with wilted green tops. Go for small carrots if you can, as they are more tender than large ones and need very little cooking.


Smaller or organic carrots only require topping and tailing and a quick scrub. Larger, non-organic Chantenay carrots will benefit from peeling.

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Carrot Chantenay

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