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Cashew Nuts Plain 100G

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Pronounce it: ka-shoo

The seeds from the 'Cashew Apple' - a tree which bears bright orange fruit and is native to Brazil and the West Indies. They have a sweet flavour and crumbly texture and are often roasted and salted to bring out their flavour.

Cashews are never sold without the shells because of the extreme heating process that must be applied to remove them.

Find out about the health benefits of nuts.

Store it

Buy in small quantities in airtight containers in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator. Should keep fresh for at least three months.

Cook it

In stir fries, over salads, in curries or on their own.


Cashew Nuts taste absolutely amazing!


In Europethey are usually eaten dried, roasted and salted as a snack or in salads. Use unsalted ones, whole or ground, for cooking - they're often added to Chinese and South East Asian dishes just before serving. They are are particularly good with chicken or prawn dishes and can be used in meat or vegetable stews or curries.


Buy cashew nuts plain 100g Online from Get Fresh & Fruity

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