Get Fresh & Fruity Carrots Bunched

Get Fresh & Fruity Carrots Bunched

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Bunched Carrot

Pronounce it: ka-rot

The carrot, with its distinctive bright orange colour, is one of the most versatile root vegetables around - a result of its sweet flavour, which means it can be used raw or cooked, in sweet or savoury dishes.

Up to the Middle Ages, all carrots were purple - the orange variety was first developed in 16th-century Holland by patriotic growers who bred it in tribute to the king, William I of Orange.

That old wive's tale about carrots helping you see in the dark isn't entirely off-target; they're very high in betacarotene, which is an important nutrient in maintaining healthy eyes.


All year round, but at their best mid May through to the end of September.

Choose the best

Carrots should be firm, with unblemished, bright orange skins. In spring, look out for young, thin carrots with their feathery greens still attached - they're particularly tender and sweet.

Those on sale later in the season will be larger and tougher. Some argue that, of all vegetables, carrots that are grown organically have the most marked improvement of flavour.

Prepare it

Very young carrots just need to be scrubbed clean and topped and tailed. Older carrots may need to be be peeled (but try not to take too much off, as most of the nutrients are stored just beneath the skin) as well as topped and tailed.

Store it

Wash your carrots, cut the green tops off and store them in a plastic bag in the fridge. To keep them extra crisp, you can take this a step further and immerse them in a sealed tupperware of cold water in the fridge. Make sure you change the water every few days.

Cook it

Grate raw and use to make carrot cake or coleslaw. Slice into ribbons with a peeler for a salad. Slice into chunks and roast (roasts in 30-35 minutes). Cut into batons and steam (5-6 minutes) or boil (5-7 minutes).

Bunch carrot One of the most versatile, reasonably priced and popular vegetables in the UK, they have a sweet flavour, crisp texture and a distinctive orange colour. Baby carrots, which are cooked whole, are tender and sweet. Extremely versatile to eat and available nearly anywhere in the world

Carrot recipes


The carrot is a member of the parsley family and is related to the parsnip, celery and fennel. Eaten raw or briefly cooked, carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, carotene and potassium.


Main course

Light meals and snacks


Starters and nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking


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Buyer's guide

Choose firm carrots and avoid those that are flabby with wilted green tops. Go for small ones if you can, as they are more tender than large ones and need very little cooking.


Smaller or organic carrots only require topping and tailing and a quick scrub. Larger, non-organic carrot will benefit from peeling.

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Get Fresh & Fruity Carrots Bunched