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(yuca or manioc) is a nutty flavoured, starch-tuber in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceous) of plants. It's sweet, the chewy underground tuber is one of the popular edible root-vegetables. Used as a staple food source for centuries and is an indispensable part of carbohydrate diet.

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    Also known as manioc or yuca, it is a root vegetable native to Central and South America, and popular throughout the tropics, where its used in many of the same ways as the potato. There are two main varieties: bitter and sweet. The former is toxic, and must be treated before consumption, whereas the more watery sweet cassava can be eaten raw. In Britain, it is mostly found in the form of tapioca pearls, made from cassava flour.                                                                        


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    Cassava is available year round. Its quite hard to peel, so its easiest to buy it ready prepared and frozen. If you do see it fresh, look for a clear outer skin and white flesh.


    Cassava discolours quickly when cut, so keep it whole in the fridge and use within a couple of days. Once peeled, cover it with acidulated water until ready to use. To freeze cassava, peel, cut into chunks, and freeze.

    Article by Felicity Cloake