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Get Fresh & Fruity Mooli

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Mooli makes a great addition to vegetable platters and salads. In parts of Asia, it is carved into fanciful shapes and used as an edible garnish. Some people enjoy eating this radish out of hand, in regions where people believe that it has potential health benefits.

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A long white crunchy vegetable from the radish family, daikon is similar in appearance to fresh horseradish but packs a lighter peppery punch similar to watercress. Unlike other radishes, it is as good cooked as it is raw. It is also known as mooli.

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Daikon is sometimes available in larger supermarkets, but youre more likely to find it in Asian or Caribbean food shops.


In Japan, daikon is frequently pickled and served as a crunchy accompaniment to rice at mealtimes. It's great chopped into salads or made into crudit©s to serve with your favourite dip. It can be cooked too - try steaming it on its own, grate it over Japanese-style fish or add it to stir-fries. In Chinese and Japanese cookery daikon is used for vegetable carving as well as cooking.

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Get Fresh & Fruity Mooli