Get Fresh & Fruity Parsnips

Get Fresh & Fruity Parsnips

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Like carrots, they may be used in sweet or savoury preparations because of their high natural sugar content. They are a good source of folate, potassium and vitamin C. They also contain fibre, which is beneficial for digestion.



By Nigella Lawson

A sweetly flavoured root vegetable native to Britain, resemble a bulky, beige carrot. They're usually treated in much the same way as the potato: roasted, mashed, or made into chips or crisps.

Buyer's guide

They are in season from October to March but are usually reckoned to be best after the first frost. For the best flavour, look for parsnips about the size of a large carrot, with firm, unblemished flesh. If the leaves are still attached to the tops, they should still be green and fresh.


They should keep in the salad crisper of the fridge for up to a fortnight. To freeze, dice the parsnips (there's no need to peel and core them unless they are old and woody), blanch, cool and then pack into a container.


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Get Fresh & Fruity Parsnips