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Get Fresh & Fruity Satsuma

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Satsumas are a distinct type of mandarin which are soft and very easy to peel with juicy sweet, slightly tangy, but mildly flavoured segments.

The Satsuma is distinct type and easily recognisable mandarin, which is particularly popular in UK. It originated from Japan in its modern form of 3 or 4 varieties, such as Okitsu and Mihowase. The rind is very easy to remove, the fruit is quite delicate, and the flavour is mild with a delicious tang and background sweetness. They are also very juicy, with soft segments, which is part of their attraction. Satsumas are seasonal as they do not store well, and there are very few late season varieties. As a result, there are gaps in availability in January/February and August/September.

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They are small, slightly flattened, bright-orange citrus fruit, with seedless, sweet, easy to separate segments.

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Satsumas are at their best in December.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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Get Fresh & Fruity Satsuma