Get Fresh & Fruity Tomato Cherry 250G

Get Fresh & Fruity Tomato Cherry 250G

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These are much smaller than other tomato varieties and have a very intense sweet flavour. Delicious as a lunchbox snack, in salads or roasted.

Cherry tomatoes recipes

Tomato risotto

By Raymond Blanc

Cherry tomatoes are a smaller variety of the common garden tomato that is generally sweeter than larger fruits. Although usually red, yellow, green and black varieties also exist and make a colourful addition to summery salads.‚Grape tomatoes are a more elongated version of the cherry.

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Buyer's guide

Cherry tomatoes are available year round but are at their best from June to October. Look for firm-fleshed, well-coloured fruit with clear skin and no signs of bruising.


Remove from any plastic packaging, and store at room temperature refrigerating tomatoes can spoil their flavour. To freeze cherry tomatoes, its best to roast them first, or to make them into a sauce. They can also be preserved successfully bottled in oil.

Article by Felicity Cloake

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Get Fresh & Fruity Tomato Cherry 250G