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Get Fresh & Fruity Turnip

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Turnips are a quintessential cellar vegetable utilised in many classic European dishes. Best cooking methods are braizing, simmering, slow roasting and sauteing. Turnips can also be made into smooth purees and soups. Turnips are a good source of complex carbohydrates.

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There are two types of turnip: early- and main-crop. Both are round and slightly flattened with wispy roots. Early turnips have a pearly green-white skin tinged with purple and tender flesh with a peppery, slightly sweet flavour. The green tops of turnips can be eaten when young and tender and have a peppery, slightly bitter taste much prized in Europe and the southern US.

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Early-crop turnips are in season from April to July; main-crop turnips from August to March. Look for turnips with smooth, undamaged skin and without brown spots, holes or spongey patches.

Early-crop turnips are usually sold washed, in bunches. They are at their sweet, nutty best when young, and can be as tiny as golf balls.


Early-crop turnips will keep loosely wrapped in a paper bag for about two weeks in the bottom of the fridge as long as you remove their leafy tops. Main-crop turnips will keep in a cool, dark place for much longer.

To freeze early-crop turnips, trim, peel and dice them, then blanch, cool and pack into freezer bags. Cook from frozen.

For main-crop turnips, cook, drain and mash them, then freeze in rigid containers.


Early-crop turnips can be lightly cooked in butter, braised or roasted or even eaten raw in salads when very young. Main-crop turnips are larger and coarser, more similar to swedes, and as the bulbs get bigger, the flavour becomes more pronounced.

Main-crop turnips can be boiled and mashed or used in soups and stews.

Article by Clarissa Hyman

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Get Fresh & Fruity Turnip