Get Fresh & Fruity Veg Box, Salad & Fruit

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Veg Box, Salad and Fruit

What's in the Veg box? Seasonal, Tasty Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Contents: Oranges, Carrots, Potatoes, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Pepper, Garlic, Seedless Grapes, Leeks, Bananas, Apples, Plums, Pears, Cooked Beetroot, Tomatoes, Celery, Lettuce, plus a couple of mystery items!


bananas Get Fresh and Fruity Banana
Cucumber Get Fresh and Fruity Cucumber 1/2
Cabbage Get Fresh and Fruity Cabbage
carrots Get Fresh and Fruity Carrots *
cauliflower Get Fresh and Fruity Cauliflower
celery Get Fresh and Fruity Celery
garlic Get Fresh and Fruity Garlic
grapes Get Fresh and Fruity Grapes *
leeks Get Fresh and Fruity Leeks *
lettuce Get Fresh and Fruity Lettice
orange Get Fresh and Fruity Orange
peppers Get Fresh and Fruity Peppers
plums Get Fresh and Fruity Plum
Potato Get Fresh and Fruity Potato
Apples Get Fresh and Fruity Apples *
tomato Get Fresh and Fruity Tomato
pears Get Fresh and Fruity Pear
mystery veg 1 Get Fresh and Fruity Mystery
mystery veg 2 Get Fresh and Fruity Mystery


*Please note this list should be considered as a guide. Whilst we do everything possible supply these items, on occasions, we will have to substitute produce to ensure that only best quality products are delivered.

**, In general, all products will be supplied free plastic packaging, with the exception of Strawberries, blueberries and bagged salad etc which come ready packed in a recyclable packaging.

*** If you want absolutely no plastic we are happy to do this please tell us in the comments box at the checkout.

You can tell us about any likes or dislikes you have in the comments box, at the checkout part of placing an order.

If you would like to select your own contents that's no problem, just pick your favourites and add them to your cart and we will do the rest.

When will it be delivered?
Choose your preferred day at the checkout, if this is left blank we will deliver your order within 48 hours (except Sunday) If you would like us to leave it in a certain location, you can tell us in the comments box.
We will confirm your order and when it has been dispatched to you.

Additional Information,

Please note that from time-to-time we will need to substitute items
Size: for couples or a smaller family
Product images are for illustration purposes
100% Quality Value Guaranteed

If you have a friend that would like this Veg box, please let them know. It's a big help for us!

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Get Fresh & Fruity Veg Box Salad & Fruit