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Watercress has been grown commercially in Hampshire since the nineteenth century. Before modern production, using only portable mineral-rich spring water, the Arle in Alresford was one of the principal streams used for growing watercress with five growers listed in the directory for 1890. With the expansion of dedicated watercress farms fed by spring water, Alresford soon became the capital of watercress with large quantities being sent by stagecoach to London and later by train on what became known as the‚Watercress Line.

Watercress recipes

Watercress leaves have a mustardy bite that makes them natural bedfellows to strongly flavoured meats such as game. The leaves are most commonly served raw as a garnish to eggs or meat, or as part of a salad with orange segments. Watercress also makes a pleasingly peppery soup that is as good hot as it is chilled.

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Get Fresh & Fruity Watercress Local From Alrseford