Get Fresh & Fruity Watermelon

Get Fresh & Fruity Watermelon

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Juicy watermelon, perfect when the weather is hot and a good alternative to a snack. used predominately in fresh preparations both sweet and savoury. It works well as a core salad ingredient.

Watermelon recipes

Watermelon is unrelated to melon and takes its name from the fact that its fruits sweet spongy flesh is 90% water. Watermelons can be round or oblong and tend to be very large. Their hard skins can be striped or mottled, and range from golden yellow to dark green in colour. Their seeded flesh is usually pink or yellow.

Buyer's guide

A watermelon should sound hollow when tapped and feel heavy for its size.


If sliced, wrap well and chill; otherwise store whole at room temperature.


Watermelon is usually served chilled for maximum refreshment. Serve simply in easy-to-eat wedges or remove the skin and cut into chunks for a salad. Hold the flesh over a bowl to catch the juice as you prise out the seeds.

Article by Sybil Kapoor

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Get Fresh & Fruity Watermelon