Kindling Wood Logs & Kindling Get Fresh & Fruity (Alton Hants)

Kindling Wood

Local from Great Britain

  • £5.50
  • Save £1.45

Buy Fresh Kindling Wood Online

All our Logs & Kindling are hand selected and delivered directly to you the next day

Local from Great Britain (country of origin)

We believe that fresh is best

The Kindling Wood you order is sourced for your individual order
We don't pre-order or store our fresh products it in bulk
We assemble your order in recyclable cardboard boxes or crates
We are happy to collect & recycle the delivery box when you reorder

We think its the best fresh Kindling Wood available

Value & Service information

The minimum delivery value is £15
You can reorder on regular subscription
You get an extra 5% discount from the price
Your order is covered by our 100% no quibble quality guarantee
Order a minimum of 2 working days in advance of your delivery date

Order your favourite today & enjoy it for yourself

Allergen information

Whilst every care is taken when assembling your order, the products may contain traces of these allergens

Allergen information Celery & Celeriac Allergen nuts

Kindling Wood from Get Fresh & Fruity Alton Hampshire

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