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Mushroom Button

Class 1 - Poland

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Mushroom Button

Pronounce it: mush-room

The mushroom is a fungus which comes in a wide range of varieties that belong to two distinct types: cultivated and wild. In myth and folklore mushrooms have always had something of a mystical connection: elves and fairies are often depicted sitting atop them, and they are known to spring up seemingly overnight in 'fairy rings'. On a more practical level, many mushrooms and fungi can be poisonous or hallucinogenic. If foraging in the forest, it's important to know what you're looking for.

Just one cup of button mushrooms have the potential to release at least 15 different vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. A single Portobello contains more potassium than a banana €š¬‚¬œ 630 mg per serving €š¬‚¬œ which helps maintain normal heart rhythm and muscle and nerve function, as well as a balance between your fluid and minerals.

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