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Mustard & Cress

Class 1 - Great Britain

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Mustard and Cress

Ideal garnish for soups, stews, sandwiches and entrees. Add its flavorful bite to mixed green salads. Stuff in pitas.

Mustard cress recipes

Also known as mustard and cress, this pot herb combines sprouted seedlings of yellow mustard with garden cress. The small leaves grow densely together on the soil inside the punnets, and taste peppery and spicy.

Buyer's guide

Garden cress is in season from July to March, and mustard seeds can be grown year-round. It is widely available in supermarkets.


Keep pots of mustard cress on the windowsill and follow the watering instructions on the packaging. Wrapped in a plastic bag, freshly-cut mustard cress will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week.


Add mustard cress to salads, sandwiches, vegetable pur©es, or Japanese-style soups. To prepare, pick over the leaves carefully, snipping off the roots and any thick stems (only tender stems should be used). Wash and rinse thoroughly and briefly (do not leave the mustard cress soaking in the water). Dry mustard cress carefully between several layers of kitchen paper.

Article by Sejal Sukhadwala

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