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Class 1 - Columbia

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This fresh product is classified as Class 1 - Columbia is the country of origin.


Pronounce it: pa-pie-ah

Native to tropical America, papayas are a large fruit also known as paw-paws. They have vibrant pinky-orange flesh and a sweet, juicy flavour similar to peach. Though their grey shiny seeds are edible, they tend to be discarded.

The skin of papaya contains the enzyme papain, which is used as a meat tenderiser and also in the manufacture of chewing gum and toothpaste.


All year round.

Choose the best

Choose yellow fruit with uniform colour and a pleasant scent. Reject any fruit with shrivelled or damaged skin.

Prepare it

Cut in half lengthways and scoop out the seeds.

Store it

Ripen at room temperature, then eat immediately.

Cook it

Eat raw on its own or in a fruit salad, or chop with chillies in a salsa.

Papaya, sometimes known as pawpaw, is a tropical fruit that can be pear-shaped, cylindrical or nearly round. When ripe its skin is a deep yellow or orange, with similar coloured soft, sweet, fragrant flesh surrounding black edible seeds. Unripe papaya is green.

Buyer's guide

Choose golden, slightly soft papaya.


Store at room temperature for maximum flavour. If mottled green, allow to ripen.


Scoop out the seeds before serving. These can be eaten in savoury dishes. They have a peppery flavour and crunchy texture.

Papaya is very sweet and needs lemon or lime juice to bring out its flavour. Peel and seed and use in salsas and savoury salads mixed with fresh coriander, mango, chilli, fish, shellfish or meat. Ripe papaya is also good in tropical fruit salads and pur©ed in smoothies.

Use green papaya as a vegetable or turn into pickle. It is particularly good raw in Thai salads such as green papaya with sweet crispy pork.

Article by Sybil Kapoo

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