Premium Baking Potatoes Htp 40S Fresh Potatoes

Premium Baking Potatoes Htp 40'S

Class 1 - Great Britain

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This product is classified as Class 1 Produce and Great Britain is the country of origin.

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Premium baking Potatoes 40's -The bakers potato is ideal for use as a boiling, baking or mashing potato. The potato will stay firm and hold its shape when cooked making it an ideal choice when making scalloped potatoes, casseroles and potato salads.


Potatoes can be stored in hessian or paper sacks; just remove any moist mud from them to prevent mould from forming. Store in a cool, airy, dark place, such as a larder or a shed.


The following cooking methods suit different potatoes best:

Baking - Cara, Golden Wonder, Marfona, Estima

Boiling - Cara, Estima, Pink Fir Apple, Saxon, Nadine, Vivaldi, Yukon Gold

Chips - Estima, Maris Piper, Pentland Dell, Sante, King Edward, Golden Wonder

Mashing - King Edward, Pentland Squire, Pentland Dell

Roasting - Cara, Wilja, Pentland Dell

Salad - Charlotte, Ratte, Jersey Royal, Pink Fir Apple, Vales Emerald

baking Potatoes

Get Fresh & Fruity Premium Baking Potatoes Htp 40'S

Premium Baking Potatoes Htp 40'S

from Get Fresh & Fruity

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Buy Premium Baking Potatoes Htp 40'S online from Get Fresh & Fruity