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Thyme 100G

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Herb Thyme

Thyme is excellent in slow-cooked dishes such as casseroles. Its versatility makes it ideal for a number of dishes including roasted vegetables. Add thyme to casseroles, stews and hot pots for a warm, aromatic flavour. Sprinkle over root vegetables before roasting to intensify the flavours.


Thyme is best when fresh but you can buy it freeze-dried.


The intensely pungent flavour complements most meats, including chicken and game. Its robust nature means that it can withstand long cooking times and it is a good complement to slow-cooked dishes such as stews and daubes. It is one of the herbs used in bouquet garni, along with parsley and bay. Its flavour also marries well with other robust and heady herbs such as rosemary and sage. Chop it up in stuffings for poultry or lamb or use it chopped in a marinade for olives. Add sprigs to marinades for meat, fish or vegetables or tuck a few sprigs with half a lemon and an onion inside a chicken before roasting. thyme

Buy Thyme 100G Online from Get Fresh & Fruity Buy Thyme 100G Online from Get Fresh & Fruity

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